The six main advantages of Norddeck decking boards:


Easy to maintain.
The plastic component ensures that Norddeck decking boards are extremely easy to maintain and are resistant to weathering. In contrast with conventional timber boards, WPC boards do not need to be regularly painted or oiled. They need only be occasionally cleaned. If they become badly soiled, they can be cleaned using a high-pressure water jet cleaner. As they are low maintenance, they save you time and money.


Norddeck decking boards look like timber, feel like timber and even smell like timber. They can be processed in the same way as timber boards, but their composition makes them much more stable and durable than boards made of wood. Even when exposed to extensive temperature fluctuations, intensive sunlight and high levels of humidity, GreenDeck decking boards remain unaffected by weathering. They are resistant to the effects of UV light and fungal, mould and insect attack.


Norddeck decking boards are kind to bare feet, do not crack or splinter and are non-slip even when wet. Our products come with a 25 year warranty against fracture, deformation, cracking, splintering and rotting.


Environmentally friendly.
Norddeck decking boards are made only from environmentally-friendly materials. They contain no hazardous substances and can be fully recycled - thus making them sustainable and ecologically safe products. We only use domestic timbers and not imported tropical woods in the manufacture of our products. We use the wood refuse of the timber-processing industry, so that no trees are directly felled in order to manufacture our products.


Naturally attractive appearance.
Norddeeck decking boards are perfect for patios, balconies and roof terraces. They are also ideal for playgrounds, boat jetties and as edging for swimming pools. LED lighting and cabling can be readily inserted in the hollow chambers of the boards. The boards, with their brushed finish on both sides and differently grooved surfaces, can be used in many different situations. Their elegant wood appearance means that they harmonize with all kinds of garden furniture.


Quick and simple assembly Norddeck.
We claim that the decking is easy to assemble using the specially designed coupling system. Norddeck boards can be drilled, sawed, cut to shape and sanded using standard wood-working tools. They are fixed in place using unobtrusive clips. Matching front trim boards provide for neat patio edging.