Where are Norddeck decking boards manufactured?

Norddeck decking boards are manufactured in the EU. The production plant is in Latvia.


What effect does longer exposure to sunlight have on Norddeck decking boards?

Even after longer exposure to sunlight, Norddeck decking boards remain kind to bare feet. The extent to which WPC boards absorb heat is, as in the case of wood and other materials, determined by their colour. Darker boards absorb more heat than lighter coloured boards.


Are Norddeck decking boards frost-resistant?

Norddeck decking boards are frost-resistant and can withstand exposure to very low temperatures without damage. We have demonstrated this by means of tests in which we artificially froze our boards and then exposed them to major temperature fluctuations in freeze-thaw cycles. All that we were able to register were insignificant changes to colour and hardness.


What happens to Norddeck decking boards when they are exposed to snow and ice?

Just as on other surfaces, if ice forms on Norddeck decking boards in winter, there is the risk of slipping. Salt can be spread on the boards to remove ice and snow.


What happens if hot objects, such as burning cigarettes or pieces of barbecue charcoal, fall on  Norddeck decking boards?

Thanks to their high content of wood, Norddeck  decking boards are resistant to heat to temperatures of 160°C. If hot objects fall on the boards, these may also develop the sort of scorch marks seen in the case of timber boards. Unsightly scorched or ashy areas can be removed using fine-grained sandpaper.


What happens if wine or oil is spilt on  Norddeck decking boards?

Traces of oil and grease should be removed as quickly as possible after spillage with household grease-removing detergents. Then rinse with plenty of clean water. Spilled wine should also be removed as soon as possible using clean water. If water or oil is left on the surface for longer periods of time, these can leave darkish coloured patches. These can be removed with a fine-grained sandpaper.


Do Norddeck  decking boards tend to turn grey on exposure to sunlight?

Norddeck decking boards are resistant to greying and do not crack. To increase UV and crack resistance, high quality additives are added to boards during production. The colour of Norddeck decking boards may change naturally over time, but they will retain their original colour characteristics. These slight tone variations have the advantage that they tend to bring out the wood effect. Please note that these natural colour changes are not covered by our warranty.


What is the best way to maintain Norddeck  decking boards?

Norddeck decking boards require minimal maintenance. They simply need to be washed now and again with lukewarm water. If they become badly soiled, they can be cleaned with a high pressure water jet (maximum 80 bar). The jet nozzle should be held at a minimum distance of 20 cm from the boards. To avoid causing potential damage to boards, direct the jet along their longitudinal axis. For more information, please click here.